Sunday, September 30, 2007

One of my own tops FINISHED!!!

Here are the 4 fabrics I picked out for the mystery pattern. It was very hard to find a green that worked, that was already in my stash but all of these pieces came from stash not the store! I had owned the giant rose print and burgundy tot for a year already!
This is all the clues figured out at Lynns house, we put 1/4 of mine up next to 1/4 of Lynns.
Here is all of Lynns pieces set up on the wall. Shes using a black print with party ribbons and balloons in bright colors for her outside border. Click on the 1/4 picture above this one to get a closer look at the border fabric
This the top without the borders on it. Thats as far as I got and it was time to go home again. It would be another month before I could add on the last 2 borders but I sure kept thinking about it alot!
walah! Its DONE! The quilt was so big (90 inches square)I couldnt get back far enough to take a full shot. I will get a better show later when I have time to clean up the studio and hang the top on my hanger. Hubby cant wait to get this one on our bed! Its still not large enough for a queen with drape so I will hopefully buy more of the burgundy TOT and make it larger. Question is, will the store still have that particular fabric since I bought it a year ago???


Cherold said...

I love your quilt! The colors are gorgeous. Try looking online if you can't find the burgundy tot in the shop.


Gail said...

Love the colors and the pattern, congratulations on getting one done for yourself.

Franie said...

I love it. Would love to have this pattern--where can I find it?

Love the colors! No wonder DH wants it on the bed ASAP--will you be able to quilt it soon?

Kathy said...

Hi. I Love your Carpenters Star Block quilt.I Like those colors together.
I'm making one too!!

Pat said...

Very nice! I enjoyed reading your BLOG and looking at all the pictures. They are beautiful! Love your quilts. Keep up the good work.

Pat S.