Monday, September 17, 2007


the forest batik I bought in St Maries quilt shop yesterday. Isnt it gorgious! DOesnt it make you think of the lake and trees of St Maries?
Some sneaky little SNOW BIRD sent me this great book as a surprise! Thanks Susan!

I LOVE this little sign, it was posted by the till in the St Maries quilt shop. Just had to have it!


Candi said...

The batik is just gorgeous!! How fun that will be to work with.

Susan said...

What a great drive you had to St. Marie's!

I didn't send the book. I just told Ingrid that you didn't have it. She asked me if I knew anyone who didn't have one, as she had wound up with two. =)

Let me know if you need Ingrid's e-mail addy.