Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moms walker bag

Here is the only picture i could find of the original piece. Odd that the master picture (unedited) dissapearred and I cant find it anywhere! Anyways its about 12 x 18 and started in august.

Here is the completed version of the walker bag before I sew it into a bag. In a couple days I will show more pics of the finished bag, and on the walker with mom after she opens her gift. I think you can click on the picture to see close up details.
UPDATED pics, Its DONE!!! tomorrow is her birthday party with some close friends and relatives and I have it completely finished and ready to wrap up! She arrives by plane late tonight.

some of the work at close up, and a shot of the whole bag. I put some stuff inside so I could see how it hung on a horizontal rod. Works great! I sure hope she likes it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Puppies are growing up

My cat Missy found an empty shipping box and was attacking it and playing when I caught her in the act and she looks "innocent" hahah! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Little boy is sleepy and wants a nap! I am a good grammie and took lots of pictures of the babies eating their first food, and going outside for the first time. Enjoy the pics!
naptime for Les and Boobette

Grampa Cherokee and auntie Canayla enjoying the warm sun on the floor
Family reunion of all the dogs. There are 5 pups and 3 grownups! Talk about chaos sometimes hahaha.
The babies are on their first outside trip. What fun and new things to explore! They are 1 month old.
Baby boy running to me hahah

Boobette is very curious!

nap time!
First time eating solid food. Boy they rushed that plate and got all messy!

Mom's hiding from the kids, she is in weaning mode now

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Trees , Beautiful Trees!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................. The Dahlias in the above picture is a house down the road from me, she has already started to dig up the flowers but earlier this month the place was full of vibrant colorful dinner plate Dahlias of many colors! Those things are actually taller than me!

My favorite season of the year! Well besides Spring. :) I just love the abundance of color displayed around my area. I hopped into my car today with camera in hand and went a little snap happy for my friends who live in areas that dont get Fall Season.
This is on Seltice avenue, the McDonalds parking lot. Right across the road is where I am located sitting in line at my favorite Latte Stand getting my first Eggnog latte of the season!
This tree is my most favorite one and I always look forward to seeing it change its colors.
This red maple is across the road from my house.
This is 16th avenue. It is the whole length of my block. I am standing in my front yard taking this picture.

more pics of my block's trees.
This is in my back yard. The trees are actually in the neighbors yard but it sure is pretty to look at it changing in fall.
My own little japanese maple in my own little yard!
This is Idaho Avenue. That bright reddish orange one in the distance is my most favorite tree ever! Same one that is a close up, a few pictures above this one.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh................*sigh* Such beauty!

My Meme, whatever that is.....

Had to go browse a few websites to find out what a Meme was. Thanks Gerry! Now I have the information and read below :)

This 'tag' comes from Gerry-
Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged.

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
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Ok heres My MeMe
1. First and foremost I am christian and I love serving Him.

2. Im a Homemaker, wife of 18 years, mother of 2 teenagers, Business owner of a long arm quilting machine. 3.I Love to ride my motorcycle!

4. Im a dog lover, particularly chihuahuas. 3 of them own me!

5.I love to take naps, especially with fabric

6. I am a quilter , seamstress, piecer and a beginning crazy quilter

7. LOOOOOVE to travel with my hubby!

Ok now I have to post SEVEN people to send them a MeMe! Im not sure I know seven hahah


Janet in Co-






FINALLY it works!

Last weekend I took a four day vacation and drove 3 hours south to hang with my buddy Lynn at her house. I spent the weekend teaching her how to make log cabins. Here are pics of our progress we made in just that short amount of time!
This is my queen size log cabin quilt using all mistletoe Manor fabrics and cream tone on tones. I am making it a bit larger with the left over strips and making a checkerboard border. Hope to have a wide border of the berry floral in the end but I have to have money first to buy it! hahah
This one is called Yamadeamistake, Lynns first attempt at making a log cabin using Marti Michells log cabin ruler. It was late and she was in a hurry to get it started. She cut the first cream strip in the wrong length, and then I made it worse by making her sew it in the wrong position. So her half a ding, My half a ding (brains) makes a ding-a-ling! Our joke of the weekend. She was going to rip it all out to the center cuz by the time we figured out what went wrong we already had all the blocks sewn! I said NO WAY, and slapped them up on the design wall and played until we got a layout that worked. And her family loves it!
This is Lynns second attempt, same weekend! She was hot to trot! She wanted to make the star format like mine but the creams and blues didnt have enough contrast to really show off the star so I suggested the barn raising format and it works well for this color combo. Her mom totally loves this one!
This is a love quilt for a very sweet boy whos having a rough year with his daddy being gone to Iraq. He lives in hawaii and one of my membership groups Loose Threads donated 4 blocks and I put the applique fruit and borders together and I am hoping to get it quilted and mailed off by Nov 1. Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I got 2 squishies with ebay purchased fabrics and spread it all out to look at it and fell asleep and my son took a picture of me all relaxed and covered in charms! Next to me is my little chihuahua Canayla (boo) cuddled up and laying on my Mistletoe Manor purchased fabric. If you want to see the fabrics that I bought click on the picture to get a closer view.
Here is my current crazy quilt project. Its goign to be a walker bag for my mother in law. Mom is flying from Boise to our house last weekend in October to celebrate her birthday with us. Mike my hubbys brother is coming over from Seattle, and we are also inviting some of moms close friends from this area to come have a party. She is very excited to come up and see the chihuahua puppies and doesnt know about the party we are planning. ANyways this is my birthday gift to her, and I will post progress pictures as I go along and of course when she puts it on the walker I will get a picture of that too! NOTE my silver flossed spider web! I still need to put the actual spider in though.
Have a great weekend! I just planted my rasberry plants, Hubby is patching the roof and we installed the last piece of gutters on the back door section! Yippee! ALMOST rready for winter to come! Still need to plant tulip bulbs though but the dahlias are not ready to be dug up and I want to do it all in one fell swoop.