Thursday, October 18, 2007

FINALLY it works!

Last weekend I took a four day vacation and drove 3 hours south to hang with my buddy Lynn at her house. I spent the weekend teaching her how to make log cabins. Here are pics of our progress we made in just that short amount of time!
This is my queen size log cabin quilt using all mistletoe Manor fabrics and cream tone on tones. I am making it a bit larger with the left over strips and making a checkerboard border. Hope to have a wide border of the berry floral in the end but I have to have money first to buy it! hahah
This one is called Yamadeamistake, Lynns first attempt at making a log cabin using Marti Michells log cabin ruler. It was late and she was in a hurry to get it started. She cut the first cream strip in the wrong length, and then I made it worse by making her sew it in the wrong position. So her half a ding, My half a ding (brains) makes a ding-a-ling! Our joke of the weekend. She was going to rip it all out to the center cuz by the time we figured out what went wrong we already had all the blocks sewn! I said NO WAY, and slapped them up on the design wall and played until we got a layout that worked. And her family loves it!
This is Lynns second attempt, same weekend! She was hot to trot! She wanted to make the star format like mine but the creams and blues didnt have enough contrast to really show off the star so I suggested the barn raising format and it works well for this color combo. Her mom totally loves this one!
This is a love quilt for a very sweet boy whos having a rough year with his daddy being gone to Iraq. He lives in hawaii and one of my membership groups Loose Threads donated 4 blocks and I put the applique fruit and borders together and I am hoping to get it quilted and mailed off by Nov 1. Wish me luck!

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Susan said...

Looks like some great fun and beautiful quilts resulted from the weekend - long weekend. I like the layout you came up with for the "mistake" quilt top. I would never have guessed there was anything wrong on it!