Thursday, October 30, 2008

I got MUSIC!!!!

Oh my gosh Im SOOOOO Happy!!!!!
I finally have my very own playlist!
These are some of my very favorite songs. I listen to a large variety of genre in music but I lean mostly toward the easy contemporary type.

ALSO, I have already set up my christmas musicbox too! So sometime in November I will change my regular out for Christmas classics! :)

Have a wonderful day today!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23 already?

Here the fall colors are showing up , reds, golds, yellows, vibrant oranges. Its so beautiful around here and yet its a warning to me that snow is right around the corner, my least favorite season. I dont mind the white stuff as long as I am inside but when I drive it better be gone!

I had two entries into the Spokane quilt show, and here are pics of those projects! I am hoping you will be able to click on the images to make them larger so you can see the wonderful detail.

I loved this little banner I saw at the quilt show. Its SO true! And fits my personality perfectly :)

Here I am standing next to my Crazy quilted Color wheel! I had so much fun and was challenged by this project. I created all the fabric wedges in april, and then for the entire summer I spent my free time embellishing. I usually had one wedge finished in 2 weeks or less. I did hand dye all the laces so they were unique to their wedge. It was ALOT of fun! but like I said CHALLENGING! I am a girl who absolutely hated anything that required handwork, and I am quite proud of my stitching!
the whole quilt finished, with binding. This is in natural sunlight so you can see the vibrance. It is about 40 inches square. I used navy satin on the back and I did the hand tied black flosses, with the tassle part on the back of the quilt so it wouldnt detract from the front. Karen in OH gave me that suggestion~
Heres the blues. I have to admit they were my favorite ones to work on :)

Heres the reds. I have to give my MUCH appreciated Thanks to Gail O for helping me do some stitches on the pink/red and the orange/red wedges. I was running out of time later in the summer,and I asked her if she would do these two wedges , in trade for a themed packet. So I sent her a fat gallon bag of FALL Themed threads, beads, fabrics etc. She did a Fantastic job!

Heres the bright sunny yellow and oranges. These were the first ones I made earlier this spring. So the embellishments are a bit rough on this one, compared to the rest of the wheel, when I had more experience I get better at the skillz.

Heres the green segments. I have to give Kudos to Carole S for doing the two green wedges for me :) Again I was running out of time in august to get this finished and she offered to help me out, and I sent her a fat gallon baggie of YELLOWS, all flosses, beads, buttons, ribbons and fabrics. She did an awesome job!

Here I am standing next to the walker bag that I had made for the quilt show. I asked the coordinator to please put a for sale tag but it didnt happen. But I thought it was VERY creative that they managed to find a walker to put the bag onto as a prop! And I was tickled to see they did that up on a table so everyone could see up close and personal my work. I had ALOT of wonderful compliments. After the show, I took the bag home and shortened the straps so that it is closer to the handle bars, it was a few inches too low for a granny to be able to put her things in the bag.

Close up of the walker. I am hoping you can click on the image to bring it closer so you can see more detail.

Here is the bag just after I finished making it, still on the table.