Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My latest doings, keeping busy for sure!

This is a picture of the Lewiston Orchards, which is the outside perimeters of the city of Lewiston Idaho. Higher elevation, its like the slopes coming out of the deep bowl of desert heat(YUCK) but it sure is pretty in the spring when the crops are all coming in at different times.
my friend Lorin holding his chihuahua and my chihuahua. they are brothers from the same litter but they sure dont look anything alike! Mine is the one with big stand up fluffy ears and he is about 4 pounds heavier than his tiny brother.
This is the most recent quilt Lynn made while I was there visiting. She is making it for her nephew who just graduated with honors from boot camp. This quilt for Nick is really a special project that lynn is doing. She bought some awesome fabric on ebay that is rolling prairies and farmlands in patriotic prints, with barns and tractors. VERY representative of North Idaho country where Nick was born and raised so this will be a comforting reminder of HOME when he is deployed to iraq next month. CLICK ON PICS TO SEE CLOSER DETAIL
Heres Lynn taking a short break from sewing, to cuddle Sparky, her puppy who was feeling neglected while we sewed.
The love quilt that I helped to put together and then machine quilted for a member of one of my yahoo groups.
close up of the quilting I did on this quilt.
Here I am starting to make some raised garden boxes. to plant tomatos into shortly
Nobody was helping me to do this, I just up and decided that I wanted this done NOW and i was tired of waiting for somebody to help. Well then the boys came out and dumped all the dirt into the boxes for me after I was done building.
Now its finished, and theres 16 tomato plants in there. I wanted a variety of tomatoes and at my sons annual greenhouse sale at school they plant in pods of 4 for I got 4 different pods of tomatoes and each variety had 4 plants! I will not run out of tomatos this year! By the way, I bought sweet 100's, romas, early girl and beefy boy. Gonna try my hand at sundried tomatoes too if the weather is hot long enough this fall