Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 2009

Blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures right now so I am just letting you all know Im still alive and kicking!

Snow has been deep and frequent around here, keeping us busy trying to shovel sidewalks, driveway and rooftop. At one time we had almost 4 feet accumulated in the front yard.

Our main source of transportation, the Ford Escort broke the tie rod on the front drivers side. This is the car that we JUST put snow tires onto 2 weeks ago! *sigh* Murphy's law kicking into high gear? Hm?

I havent gotten much sewing done, I was tearing up the bathroom floor! Well, I got in deeper than I thought, the floor is rotted underneath the ceramic tile! So I stripped it down to raw wood. And was goign to go buy some new wood, but that darn car broke down so now I cant get the new wood like planned! Hm.....

Is God trying to tell me something????

Ok, now Im going to go SEW! I made up several tote bags using upholstery fabrics. I would show you pictures but blogger doesnt like me right now. I will try again later!

Have a wonderful day!