Sunday, September 30, 2007

One of my own tops FINISHED!!!

Here are the 4 fabrics I picked out for the mystery pattern. It was very hard to find a green that worked, that was already in my stash but all of these pieces came from stash not the store! I had owned the giant rose print and burgundy tot for a year already!
This is all the clues figured out at Lynns house, we put 1/4 of mine up next to 1/4 of Lynns.
Here is all of Lynns pieces set up on the wall. Shes using a black print with party ribbons and balloons in bright colors for her outside border. Click on the 1/4 picture above this one to get a closer look at the border fabric
This the top without the borders on it. Thats as far as I got and it was time to go home again. It would be another month before I could add on the last 2 borders but I sure kept thinking about it alot!
walah! Its DONE! The quilt was so big (90 inches square)I couldnt get back far enough to take a full shot. I will get a better show later when I have time to clean up the studio and hang the top on my hanger. Hubby cant wait to get this one on our bed! Its still not large enough for a queen with drape so I will hopefully buy more of the burgundy TOT and make it larger. Question is, will the store still have that particular fabric since I bought it a year ago???

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A week full of puppies!

Here is my little white canayla laying in bed snuggling up to Indianna. the white one is 4 pounds, and the brown one is 10 pounds, normally 7 but very pregnant and due to pop anyday.
Indianna had FIVE baby boys in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. NOrmally we stay up and watch over her but last night we went to bed at 11 and she was not showing any signs and then hubby got up at 4 to shower and they were all born! Sheesh!
4 brown ones, 1 white with spots. Of the brown ones, 2 are solid brown and 2 have socks and blazes.
My daughters dog Mika, alaskan malamute had her puppies 3 days ago. She had 8 but 7 survived.
close up of one of Mika's babies. This is the cutest one of course. The rest are solid brown or solid tan. The father was a mutt next door and mika got under the fence.

Monday, September 17, 2007


the forest batik I bought in St Maries quilt shop yesterday. Isnt it gorgious! DOesnt it make you think of the lake and trees of St Maries?
Some sneaky little SNOW BIRD sent me this great book as a surprise! Thanks Susan!

I LOVE this little sign, it was posted by the till in the St Maries quilt shop. Just had to have it!

Last big ride of the season

We took a nice leisurely ride on sunday out to St Maries Idaho. GORGIOUS Town, Im in love! Population of about 2800, close to this wonderful lake and lots of nature abound. This is a picture of Mrs Sew n Sew's quilt shop located on main street. We circled around town to check out the community and housing. Then stopped at the shop so I could look inside the window. I knew she would be closed sundays. As we were getting ready to take a stroll down the sidewalk Nona pops her head out and asks if I want to come in! OH YA! So we visited a bit and I bought some batik fabric that looked like the forest surrounding the area. She had an adorable kit I really wanted to buy of Cute dog quotes and an adorable puppy print fabric but she was out of that one. I didnt have enough cash of course because I *KNEW* she would be closed! haha
Here is lake Benewah behind me, the haze is from the wind kicking up the dust up on the prairy. Harvest is done and the fields were plowed and nows the time of year we get strong winds and dust storms. But this is down in the canyon by St Maries and it was still mostly clear except in the distance.
My Honey Pat relaxing while I take pictures of the lake and trees. Aint he a cutie!
heading back out of the canyon, this is the far end of the lake looking back towards St Maries. So pretty and quiet and peaceful!
one last picture of the lake before we headed back up the hill to the prairy. I sure would love to see this place again when the sun is out and the lake is glistening. There was alot of campers on the shore too! AND amazingly we were not the only motorcyclists out enjoying the ride, Lots of bikes were in town!

Mika had puppies! sept 15

Here is a picture of my daughter Melodie with her dog Mika earlier this summer. This is an alaskan malamute purebread, and shes such a happy dog all the time! Well she went into heat and Melodie was at work and Mika got under the fence and had a date with the neighbors mutt Frank. Oh goodie. NOT

Here are the 7 puppies, 2 look like Mika, 2 look like frank (blond) and three are brown/black patches and with parent names Mika and Frank, we call them the 3 freaka's. heheh
Oh I just noticed, the pic shows only 6, but actual truth is one of the mika babies is hiding under the 3 freaka babies. Dogpile!

Here are the two mika babies up close. One is a male, one female. Arent they just cuuuuuuuuuute! hehe

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

some quilting

This is my most recent quilting job that I did. It had a sampler style with big white squares in between that were just yelling at me for some creativity! So this is what I came up with. Diagonal rows of hearts and crosses and by golly it looks good to me! I really like doing feathers alot, it seems to be a soothing thing for me to do.
Have a great day!

Monday, September 10, 2007

CQ fall themed

Here is my crazy quilting block for a Fall themed swap on CQforNewbies group. Click on the picture to get a close up on details!

I dont celebrate halloween so none of that is on there. But all my other favorite things, ripened grapes, squash (yellow flowers) pumpkins for pie, the colors that remind me of our local trees turning colors. It was fun to stitch this block even though I only had like a week of real time to work on it since I was working 2 jobs in august and that was the month we were suppose to work on it. Well its mailed off to the swap hostess and then I get another persons block to work on and somebody will be working on Mine! then at the end of swap I will get my block back, cant wait to see what happens to it!

The burgundy fabric is velvety brocade type, the brown solid is baby cord, the orange was a silk, the tan a shimmery brocade, the blue is dupioni silk with a purplish shimmer to it, the green is a dark hunter satin and the yellow is also a silk like the orange. The print fabrics are cotton prints that I fussy cut to get a certain piece I wanted. The wheat. The acorns, the oak leaf, the maple leaf, and the pumkin. Oh and the premade embroidery on brown is a lovely velvet cloth! I put buttons on that were leaves, the black button in the orange has a silver leaf emblem on it. When I get it back I plan to put some beads on it but didnt want it to weigh heavy for postage.

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

car show labor day weekend

Classic car show from last weekend. Just a few of our favorite cars! The galaxy is the one we had own 2 of before and hubby someday wants to get another. And then theres the rare MG that hubby just adores but knows we wont be able to afford ever.