Thursday, May 31, 2007

June??? Already????

WOW! I have been crazy busy this month, trying to get things done around the house before it gets too hot. Seeds planted, water line installed, kitchen remodel, quilting business, And of course the daily routines of laundry, food, sleep, more food, laundry again, sweep and mop and SEWING!

I finished up 2 more quilts for american hero quilts. Here is a photo of one that is done and packaged up. Its the trip around the world I was working on for a while, got bored and then finished it. The other one is almost done but I am posting a "progress" picture for you!

I rode my bike for 30 minutes this week! On real roads with other traffic! But it was back roads around my neighborhood. I did good, Hubby gave me some tips to become better.

Have a wonderful day! Its suppose to be 80 degrees here!


Monday, May 14, 2007

A Quilt is finished!

Here is the quilt our group "trading fabrics" made for a friend. This is a HUGS quilt that a group that I am a member off made for another member. We all contributed blocks, one of the gals sewed it into a top and mailed it to me and I machine quilted it and Moira hand sewed the binding onto the back.


Heres the 1969 original olive green tile and formica counter and porclain chipped sink

Justin helping Dad to lift and carry the old one out the back door
24 hours later Whalah! Miracle!

I have had a wonderful mothers day this year. Spent it sweaty, stinky and covered in sawdust and spackeling putty. I got a kitchen counter remodel! New sink, new faucet, new disposal unit, didnt have one at all before and of course the lovely tan marble look counter!

Next is to paint the walls. blue..... boy. WHICH. I Love BOTH. Hubby was being funny and said paint the walls with stripes! hahahahaha. He better watch out! I am after all - an Artist!

Here is a before and after. Enjoy!

Robin, where it has been 75-80 all week!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Prom Night and Birthday Party!

WOW What a wild and crazy day May 5 2007 was!

My daughter Melodie's Senior Prom , this is a picture of her and cousin jeremy who drove 3 hours to our house and I paid for his expenses and tux. They did have fun together! They drove in her jeep to the school and she got to see some friends she hasnt seen in a while. So all went well for the Senior Prom experience. Her boyfriend of 3 years wasnt even home, he was paintballing with his buddies. So Melodie was mad at him but despite that drama she choose to have a great day!

And there is a pic of my son Justin with his 3 friends celebrating his 15th(!!!!) birthday. We had a bonfire in the back yard and they had their electric guitars and amps plugged into extension cords and jamming happily away all afternoon into the early evening. Then they roasted marshmellows and had SMORES. and a case of Mountain dew between all of them hahaha. The tallest young man with navy shirt on is MY Kid. He stands 6 foot 4 inches tall. If you click on the picture it will zoom and you can see his face better. He looks alot like Jack Black. or KELSO! Im always teasing him about that and he thinks its so funny.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3 2007

Heres my latest American Hero ( donations. I have finished the heart and the crazy one with a wide tone on tone border. Im going to mail those to Sue as they are and she can add more blocks or borders to make it the required size.
The sampler blocks I have made of all the little pieces of scraps that my friend Lis donated to the project. Very easy to make one block a day when there are already sewn half square triangles and flying geese orphans. I will mail these to Moira and she will make a lovely top to donate to American Hero.
I just need to sew the Trip Around the World and put a border around it. That is also for American Hero. I am running out of the colors needed so I think I will take a break from the charity and work on something of my own for a while. Mabe something PINK! hehehe
Have a great Day! :)