Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 28, snowday

My favorite pic. A doggie breaking a trail through the snow. Hes actually HOPPING through the stuff.

Heres 2 of my chihuahua dogs cuddled up in the flannel scraps box, wich is next to my computer. Normally they are not allowed in the studio but my son was playing electric guitar with friend and it was making the dogs nervous and they wanted to be with ME! They cried at the stair gate until I decided to feel sorry for them.

Its been snowing nonstop for 2 days. All the schools are closed today. Schools even 100 miles away are closed! Its serious stuff out there! So I am happily wearing my purple snowflake flannel jammies and sewing up a storm.

I am finished working on my half of the spring crazy quilt block. Im SO tempted to put more on there but then I wouldnt have any space for my partner to do her thing! I just Love how this one is coming out! One more block for summer and then I can make the "seasons" wallhanging I have planned.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Red and Cream Double X

I started this quilt in 2003 in a swap of red/cream double x blocks on WASIQ. Then decided it would make a great gift for my brother in law whos favorite color is red. Commissioned the redwork by a very good friend. Took me FOUR YEARS To get this quilt to the finished stage and I just gave it to him this Christmas. HE LOVES IT!

Here is a close up of some of the redwork blocks, my brother in law is really into Comics by Marvel and DC. And star trek, Star wars, Spider man, Superman, Batman. And some animals and scenes of the pacific northwest , since he lives in seattle. The redworks were made by JoAnni from WASIQ, and I paid her in lots of fat quarters of vintage and aunt grace prints.

I backed it with a red marbely flannel on the back and used the scraps from the double x blocks to create a border around the outside edge. Hard to tell but the border is all scrappy strips. And I did a large meandering quilting on it. HE LOVES IT!

I think you can click on the pics to make them larger to see more detail.

Have a great Day!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Latest update on LIFE

Here is Rathdrum Mountain covered by a blanket of snow. I was driving down the highway on my way home, this is only about 15 minutes from my house. I just LOVE this view but it is very quickly being overcome by houseing developements. This is the last piece of prairy, and the rest is all gone. It makes me sad, because 10 years ago there was NO houses at all on the prairy and it was a stunning view year round.
Heres my lovely 15 year old , with 2 lap dogs in his lap. One a chihuahua (peeking from arm) and the alaskan malamute who thinks shes a lap dog! SHE has since been placed with a good home because she was my daughter dog and my daughter was not taking care of her so I found her a new home and she is doing very well living with other malamutes her size!
the two on the far left are the puppies that I still have for sale. I bought them a packet of microwave puppy popcorn for a christmas treat. Right now I have five chihuahuas (my 3 and 2 puppies for sale) So you see 5 plates. They were all enjoying it but the little stinkers move too fast to snap a picture of all at one time.
MY little girl, is the white one under the BABY. Usually she is not fond of the puppies around her but she has taken a liking to this little fella who we call Les Claypool. Thats not his real name by the way.
The two babies are napping and Aunty Boo is supervising, and not very happy about it either let me tell ya.