Thursday, June 28, 2007


You can actually click this picture to make it larger and see my details. AND I even went into the photoshop and cleared up the fuzzyness so its clear! I had alot of fun with this and on monday it will be mailed off to its new home at Janet in CO!

my latest crazy quilting experience :)

Heres my own version of the Egyptian blocks, the group CQ4N has an actual swap and since I am new Im not in the swap but decided to make one anyways! I have added a few more things to this since this picture was taken.
Heres my very first CQ block, this one I am keeping for myself and probably will make it into a little purse that I can take just the wallet and keys and checkbook.
Its STILL not done yet, I have more beads I want to put on it! ANother base block ready to be embellished but Im working on the above two and get them finished first and then reward myself by playing on this one. This one was a piece that Crazy Judyth sent to me , she found it at Sallys! Well I added more pieces to it, and made it 12 1/2 inches. Will be a pillow for my couch eventually :) It has coduroy, satins, silks, velvets, brocade and I think a piece of dupioni but Im not sure, it could be taffeta.

I rode my bike 40 miles!

Im ready to go for a ride, this is our driveway
Thumbs up, lets roll!
Scenic back roads going up to the highway, what a gorgious view down below is my town. You can click picture to make it larger.

This weekend we are having a big road trip (for me that is!) We have been practising on back roads manuvering curves and getting my speed up to posted signs. Then last night we went out to the highway and rode almost up to the casino (40 miles round trip)

Tomorrow we head out and will ride about 80 miles total to our destination in Lewiston. ANd then more riding tomorrow from lewiston up to grangeville another 40 miles. then back to Lewiston. Then monday come home 80 miles. So all in all thats a big chunk of riding for me! Im excited!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

My CQ block, first stitches!

My new toolbox I got last night. Its a little fishing takle box with 4 self contained trays that slide out plus the big open spot on top for the tools :) One tray is ribbons etc, One buttons, One beads, One embroidery floss. The beads next to the block I just bought today, a pink rose, 2 leaves, a silver butterfly, a crystal cross and some rose tiger eye beads and a tube of metallic multicolor seed beads. Ought to keep me busy for a while!
Heres the whole shot of my block
theres the ruby and antique pearls I stitched on the center of the lace flower
my silk ribbon embroidery flowers and leaves with seed beads in the center of the flowers.

Im not sure why the pics are blurry, mabe cuz I got in a hurry!

Ok one question for you! I did buy a flat hoop and when I was stitching it was easier for me to do the work but as more things are added on, then the hoop will crimp the work. So should I be learning without a hoop or should I get a larger hoop and baste muslin so that the block is centered and not being crimped?

I tried doing it both ways and I didnt do so well when I took the hoop off, because with the hoop it was flat and easier for me to see and manipulate.

This took me 2 hours! But I liked what I did so far! I have decided I will make this into a little purse for when I travel to quilt shows. I have decided also to title it "a few of my favorite things" hehehe.

Notice , pinks, blues, greens, flowers, butterflies, lace, fine fabrics. Thats pretty much says it all!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

my First real CQ block!

This is my very first real crazy quilt block!!! I have made crazy quilt blocks in cottons but have never embellished with trims or goo gaws. This time I really will do it! I bought 2 of Judith Montano's books off ebay and they are on their way to their new home as I write this! Im excited!
I used to buy all kinds of silkies and brocades and fancy fabrics when I used to make my own clothes but 10 years ago I gave it up because my body got too big and I hate custom fitting myself! Another reason to go buy the pretties again! Yippee!
I definitely need to improve on my stash of goo gaws and trimmins. These were given to me by Carole so at least I have this to start with! And I bought some DMC floss a couple weeks ago so I guess I can use it since I wasted money on it hahaha! Now I know there is better stuff to use that I wont have to "pull apart"

Im thinking a trip to the store is in need as well so i can purchase some kind of storage system to store all these lovelies into. I want something that I can open but each compartment wont all be exposed. I have a tendency to drop things and wind up with everything on the floor! So like a medibox or a tacklebox will be great!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sunday June 3

This is Canayla, my 4 pound chihuahua who adopted me. We bought her for our daughter but the little stinker wanted to be MINE. She is 5 years old this year!
Shes sleepy. This is a chair next to my computer because the dogs are not allowed in the sewing studio.
Another scrappy log cabin quilt, I did the 9 blockss sunday afternoon. Not big enough but I will figure something out. Its laying on top of the other quilt project that I was working on.
Heres another quilt FINISHED for American hero quilt project. Yippee!