Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas?? Already???? WHAT!!!

Wow I cant believe its been a month since I Posted! I started November out on great intentions to get lots of things finished for christmas but it all went out the window when I got really sick right before Thanksgiving. I wound up spending most of the week prior to thanksgiving in bed, and hubby did most of the cooking for the actual holiday while I rested on the recliner with my 4 cuddly chihuahuas. Here are 3 of the silly little brats cuddled up with a flannel throw I made for hubby last christmas. THEY adopted it as their own little blankie, and on days that are chilly they burrow down in between the folds to keep warm. #4 Cherokee was sitting with his boy in another chair.

Heres the table setting for our 19th anniversary dinner date on Nov 21. The dishes are Sebring from the early 1800's passed through my grandmother on my fathers side. I did a little research on Sebring, there was a factory back east who did these dish sets, plus many other styles but they closed the factory late in the 1800s. Thats all the information I can find about it, PLUS I have only seen this particular design ONCE in my life besides the ones I own. It was a plate and teacup in a pawnshop, and he wanted like 150 bucks just for the one! And that was the only one he had, no others!

The crystal glassware was Princess house, given to us at our wedding by hubbys sister, since she was a Princess House sales person.

The silverware are antique silver set from Hubbys side of the family, complete with its own velvet lined hardwood box. Such precious treasures! I have no heirlooms from my own biological family except the dishes, grama gave to me when we got married.

Here is our family! This was an impromptu photo snapped on Thanksgiving day, so I could have a family picture for our Christmas cards that I mail out every year. My son Justin in the back is 16 years old, and my daughter Melodie had her 20th birthday on Dec 16th!

This is our "wonky" blue spruce in the front yard. We just had a serious snow storm that gave us nonstop snowfall for over 48 hours! This is the second day of the snowstorm, and the roads are still unplowed! You can see my garbage can, it is almost buried!

Here is Rusty my fluffy Chihuahua having fun in the snow! He wanted to go out and play SO bad, we just had to laugh and let him go. We didnt even have a potty spot shoveled out yet, he just went bouncing around and you could see his tail but nothing else!

This is the next day after the storm, we got out and shoveled a small path for the dogs to get out and do their business. As you can see, we got LOTS of snow! Theres still about 4-6 inches the dogs had to walk in, and the wall next to the dog is the untouched snow in the rest of the yard!

This afternoon, the shoveled area was filling up with snow again. You cant even see the stairs that my dog is climbing down.......

Wheres the gas bbq at? All I see is SNOW! Good thing we are out of propane, Hubby likes to grill year round and snow doesnt stop him!

This is one car shoveled out so we could go get essentials from the store. Even so, the roads were really nasty bad, and lots of cars were stuck or in ditches. We dont have chains, so we had to take advantage of good conditions because we are suppose to get more snow, plus colder temperatures!

My son is 6 ft 4 inches tall, and he is standing in the middle of our front yard at 7 am. This is pretty deep stuff!

This is a little wooden toolbox I made for my sons christmas gift. It is scrap pieces of wood strips glued together to create "boards" then all of it was stained and nailed together. Its about 12 inches long, by 8 inches wide inside the box and 6 inches deep. Perfect for a teenager who put his skateboarding keys and screwdrivers into!

Pretty cool for being discarded wood scraps from school! Since hubby is unemployed and I only work on call , very little to be had for Christmas unless we make our gifts. We will have a warm house, and food , that is whats most important right now!

Here are two jewelry boxes I made as gifts. The one with butterflies on it was very simple and it was my first attempt, it took me 3 days with the assembly of pieces, glueing pieces to create the box, then glueing fabric around and assembling the whole project. The crazy quilted one took alot longer to make since I had to make the crazy quilted part for the top, then sew it to the rest of the fabric piece and then assemble the parts to create the jewelry box. Total of 1 week on that one!

I hope Everyone has a happy and wonderful Christmas, Hannukah and Happy New Year!