Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where did Summer GOOOO???

My 17 year old son with his dad standing next to our old fireplace right before we moved. This was taken to put side by side with the photo of my son and hubby when we FIRST bought the house. Daddy towered and my son was muuuuuuuuuch shorter! (gotta find that pic!)

Boy I tell ya. This year has been a wild and bumpy ride. I sure could have used a vacation and go for a loooooooooong motorcycle ride to clear my mind!
I sure hope that its done for a while, Im ready for some "down time" to relax!!!
We are officially MOVED! Sold our house in Post Falls Idaho in July, with the closing date of August 1. We were waiting for several weeks to hear from the bank on the approval of offer and when they did finally give us the go-ahead, we only had ONE WEEK to pack everything and get it out of the house. So it was crazy! Rented a 26 foot truck, stuffed it floor to ceiling, front to back and closed the door while shoving a matteress into the truck. BUT.....we wound up leaving all our yard tools at one friends house in his garage, and alot of my personal sewing stuff at my next door neighbors house. We have been making little trips back up to that area and bringing home stuff , and that will be done soon!
I am posting a few pics, didnt feel the need to show you every single room but here are my favorites!
Here is the front of my new house, notice the HUGE Yard that I HAVE TO MOW!!! (all totalled it is about an acre or close to it, there is more lawn in the back too!)
This will be my quilting studio. That pink and white quilt is 100 inches square and there is alot of space around it, so that tells you how big the room is :) The lovely side porch where we have some chairs and a little table so we can watch the birds and squirrels in the morning while drinking coffee. Or at night while we drink a beer :)

the MUCH Anticipated LIBRARY!!! Im So excited to get all my books into those shelves!
Wat else has been going on?

I found my long lost sister on Facebook! I have not seen my mother or my two sisters in 20 years, so it was really exciting to see her email me back! She bought my hubby and I airplane tickets to come to her 40th Birthday party, which turned into a giant family reunion! I got to stay at her house for a whole week and get to know everyone and I had alot of fun!

My daughter is starting to look pregnant hahah. She is a tiny little thing and at almost 7 months pregnant she is just now starting to get a "bump" The baby is due November 11, and she still has not decided if she will keep it or adopt it out. She has found a family she really likes and they want an open adoption so it will be nice to watch our grandchild grow up. We still hope she might keep the baby, and we would help her when she needs it. But we are not getting involved in the decision making part, that is her project!

Did you know there is 4 months exactly until Christmas Day? OH BOY! Time to start writing up schedule of events, planning meals, looking for home decor to dress the house up. Oh and not to mention christmas gifts to be made/bought and christmas cards to address!

Have a great day!!

Robin, located in LEWISTON now!