Wednesday, June 6, 2007

my First real CQ block!

This is my very first real crazy quilt block!!! I have made crazy quilt blocks in cottons but have never embellished with trims or goo gaws. This time I really will do it! I bought 2 of Judith Montano's books off ebay and they are on their way to their new home as I write this! Im excited!
I used to buy all kinds of silkies and brocades and fancy fabrics when I used to make my own clothes but 10 years ago I gave it up because my body got too big and I hate custom fitting myself! Another reason to go buy the pretties again! Yippee!
I definitely need to improve on my stash of goo gaws and trimmins. These were given to me by Carole so at least I have this to start with! And I bought some DMC floss a couple weeks ago so I guess I can use it since I wasted money on it hahaha! Now I know there is better stuff to use that I wont have to "pull apart"

Im thinking a trip to the store is in need as well so i can purchase some kind of storage system to store all these lovelies into. I want something that I can open but each compartment wont all be exposed. I have a tendency to drop things and wind up with everything on the floor! So like a medibox or a tacklebox will be great!

Have a great day!



ROTFLMBO--I recognize some of those fabrics!!!! love the work you have done so far---your first block looks a lot better than mine did! hehehheheee but I could hie the boo boos with buttons!--yessirree, love this technique of quilting!!! HAVE FUN ROBIN*~*carole*~*

Gerry said...

Hi Robin! You've made a lovely block. And it is much better than my first one. But it was fun, wasn't it?!?!?!!?

I look forward to seeing more :-)

Jane said...

Hi Robin, You have done an awesome job with your block! Do have fun with the seams and goo gaws..

Susan said...

The block looks good, Robin. Carole sent some fun things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the DMC. I did a feather stitch with three strands yesterday, so that it would match the thicker thread I was using for part of the design, and it worked just fine. You might also check out the #20 crochet thread. #10 comes in more colors, but I'm not sure you'd want to use it. You'd need big chenille needles. You should get some of those anyway. For beads, with the vision problem, I'd go with size 8. 11 might be too small, and Delicas are definitely out. When you sew it down, make sure the needle goes back in about the width of the bead away from where it came up, to keep it from looking wonky. This will be a lovely block embellished!