Thursday, June 7, 2007

My CQ block, first stitches!

My new toolbox I got last night. Its a little fishing takle box with 4 self contained trays that slide out plus the big open spot on top for the tools :) One tray is ribbons etc, One buttons, One beads, One embroidery floss. The beads next to the block I just bought today, a pink rose, 2 leaves, a silver butterfly, a crystal cross and some rose tiger eye beads and a tube of metallic multicolor seed beads. Ought to keep me busy for a while!
Heres the whole shot of my block
theres the ruby and antique pearls I stitched on the center of the lace flower
my silk ribbon embroidery flowers and leaves with seed beads in the center of the flowers.

Im not sure why the pics are blurry, mabe cuz I got in a hurry!

Ok one question for you! I did buy a flat hoop and when I was stitching it was easier for me to do the work but as more things are added on, then the hoop will crimp the work. So should I be learning without a hoop or should I get a larger hoop and baste muslin so that the block is centered and not being crimped?

I tried doing it both ways and I didnt do so well when I took the hoop off, because with the hoop it was flat and easier for me to see and manipulate.

This took me 2 hours! But I liked what I did so far! I have decided I will make this into a little purse for when I travel to quilt shows. I have decided also to title it "a few of my favorite things" hehehe.

Notice , pinks, blues, greens, flowers, butterflies, lace, fine fabrics. Thats pretty much says it all!




ROBIN--your space is toooo organized for me! hehehehehe I love what you have done--I cannnot find the silk ribbon around here so I have yet to play with any--I have tried silk floss :o) I will let those with more knowledge answer your questions--I will watch for the replies! :o) *~*CAROLE*~*

Charlene said...

Neat storage box, and pretty work, too. Hang on -- you're in for the ride of your life!

Susan said...

I like your storage boxes, especially as you acquire more stash.

The seam looks very pretty, and I like what you did with the pearls and ruby.

As far as a hoop goes, do what's most comfortable for you. I usually make my blocks a minimum of an inch bigger all around. I cover the whole thing with fabric, and then draw a square on the back, centered, I stitch that in a long stitch, just to show me where the edge of the block is, and to stabilize things. The edge is out beyond that. Then I stitch another line 1/2" inside that to let me know where to stop with beads and things that will get in the way of the seam. I could use a hoop, but I rarely do. However, if it is easier for you to use one, then you ought to. =)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan; if you find it easier to use a hoop, do it. Maybe you can plan your muslin foundations enough larger than your finished blocks that you can use a large, all-encompassing hoop that won't crush your buttons or beads. I rarely use a hoop for cqing, but that's just the way I learned.
I have your block pieced and partially embroidered. I thought about doing an Egyptian one for you, as that is what I'm working on for the swap, but yours is more generic. I hope you'll like it.
Janet in Colorado

JK said...

Sweetie these are lovely! The only time I hoop is if I am doing a fill piece, of a patch that will have an embroidered item, (i.e. I make the patch large enough to fit the hoop, do my embroidery and then cut it down and then piece the block) I find the hoop to pull on the seams. Also I never bead along with the stitching, I do all my thread work first on the seams and do the beading last.

You will find your own comfort zone, and the only way to do that is try different methods and you will learn which one suits you best.

Gail said...

Robin your block is so pretty. Those tackle boxes work so great I have several. To hoop or not to hoop...I had the same question and after trying both ways, I decided not to hoop. Now I am used to it that way and a hoop would just frustrate me.

Rodrigo said...
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