Monday, June 4, 2007

Sunday June 3

This is Canayla, my 4 pound chihuahua who adopted me. We bought her for our daughter but the little stinker wanted to be MINE. She is 5 years old this year!
Shes sleepy. This is a chair next to my computer because the dogs are not allowed in the sewing studio.
Another scrappy log cabin quilt, I did the 9 blockss sunday afternoon. Not big enough but I will figure something out. Its laying on top of the other quilt project that I was working on.
Heres another quilt FINISHED for American hero quilt project. Yippee!


JK said...

Robin, these are beautiful hon. So much work! I have heard about the American Hero Quilts, and what an honor to do these.

Your little baby is just too cute! And they know who they want to be with.

Franie said...

Your little doggy is cute--I love his blankie too. your Am Hero quilts are also very nice. I rescued a Japanese Chin from the pound once for my two youngest children--she was small and she also adopted me over them. My son said he wanted a real dog! LOL

Susan said...

Another great finish, Robin! That's a great way to use up scraps. Is that your little dog's own quilt? =)