Thursday, May 31, 2007

June??? Already????

WOW! I have been crazy busy this month, trying to get things done around the house before it gets too hot. Seeds planted, water line installed, kitchen remodel, quilting business, And of course the daily routines of laundry, food, sleep, more food, laundry again, sweep and mop and SEWING!

I finished up 2 more quilts for american hero quilts. Here is a photo of one that is done and packaged up. Its the trip around the world I was working on for a while, got bored and then finished it. The other one is almost done but I am posting a "progress" picture for you!

I rode my bike for 30 minutes this week! On real roads with other traffic! But it was back roads around my neighborhood. I did good, Hubby gave me some tips to become better.

Have a wonderful day! Its suppose to be 80 degrees here!


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Susan said...

I like the border you picked. This quilt looks great! I think it could be done as nine patches in a leader-ender project, too.