Monday, May 14, 2007


Heres the 1969 original olive green tile and formica counter and porclain chipped sink

Justin helping Dad to lift and carry the old one out the back door
24 hours later Whalah! Miracle!

I have had a wonderful mothers day this year. Spent it sweaty, stinky and covered in sawdust and spackeling putty. I got a kitchen counter remodel! New sink, new faucet, new disposal unit, didnt have one at all before and of course the lovely tan marble look counter!

Next is to paint the walls. blue..... boy. WHICH. I Love BOTH. Hubby was being funny and said paint the walls with stripes! hahahahaha. He better watch out! I am after all - an Artist!

Here is a before and after. Enjoy!

Robin, where it has been 75-80 all week!

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Susan said...

That's an amazing difference! It looks great!