Thursday, May 3, 2007

May 3 2007

Heres my latest American Hero ( donations. I have finished the heart and the crazy one with a wide tone on tone border. Im going to mail those to Sue as they are and she can add more blocks or borders to make it the required size.
The sampler blocks I have made of all the little pieces of scraps that my friend Lis donated to the project. Very easy to make one block a day when there are already sewn half square triangles and flying geese orphans. I will mail these to Moira and she will make a lovely top to donate to American Hero.
I just need to sew the Trip Around the World and put a border around it. That is also for American Hero. I am running out of the colors needed so I think I will take a break from the charity and work on something of my own for a while. Mabe something PINK! hehehe
Have a great Day! :)


Franie said...

Nice Am Hero quilts--thank you so much for dedicating time to them like that. They are all awesome. You do beautiful work Robin.

Susan said...

Oh, Moira will make something really wonderful out of that bunch of blocks, maybe more than one. She's so good at that!

The two you sent off are great! They will be cherished, I know.