Sunday, April 29, 2007



Oh Wowwwwwie!!!!! Check out my "action shots" taken by Pat my hubby as I took my maiden voyage hahaha.
Now I can officially say that I have done it. I have waited all my life to be able to do this one little thing. And now the best news. Its MY Bike now! I am reading the handbook and will take the permit test this week.
This is my back yard and I spent a couple hours this afternoon going around in circles learning to use the handles. just about everything is on the handlebars! I got my feet totally onto the pegs by the second time I was around the yard and feeling pretty good!
Then 3 hours later I was tiring out and was trying to pull the brake lever and instead twiested the gas handle and just about ran the bike through the chain link fence hahaha. Didnt help that by then the sun was lower and in my eyes! Hubby was inside watching through the window. He didnt say a single word, and was very proud of me! I did dump the bike and had to get off and lift that heavy bugger back up to standing. Whew!
It was time to call it a day after that! I went inside and enjoyed a lovely dinner of smoked bbq portabello mushroom burger with swiss cheese and a green salad. Then we watched Night at the Museum. FUNNY!!!
Love ya!


Susan said...

Looks like you were having fun! I'm so glad this has all worked out for you. To everything there is a season. =)

Franie said...

Now that's a bike! Looks like fun but something I doubt I ever do again. I used to ride a dirt bike many moons ago--the freedom of a motorcycle is awesome. DH mentions a motorcycle -- I can tell he wants one--but I don't encourage him any more. Have fun on your "machine"--looks like fun.