Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Well day after hehehe.

I have been busy whipping out small patriotic projects to make into quilt tops for American Heros. for more information.

Here is a pic of the crazy quilt blocks that I used the "chunks" of scraps. So far there are 9 blocks completed and they are 8 inch squares. I cut up enough muslin to make at least a twin bed size so I figure mabe 25 blocks total to make it big enough.

Next post I will show you the blocks I made with strips and strings. I am setting the red/blue
strips and string blocks to create a heart image and around the red/blue blocks I am setting strings of light color to outline the heart. Very cool! I am enjoying the creation part of these projects but putting the actual top together is always the hardest for me. So then it winds up sitting on the work wall for a couple days and I WONT take it off the wall until it is completed!
New Rule I imposed on myself last summer and it does work (most of the time) As usual I am making too many new things and not finishing many of the old things.
OH....and I am going to start doing Crazy Quilting too! NOW I am officially C*R*A*Z*Y!
Ta Ta for now!



You mentioned that you crazy quilted before--so----are ye scared? hehehehhe or just for that push from me? *~*CAROLE*~*

Susan said...

Oh, love those crazy blocks! The one with the squares border looks great as a center.

Cheryl said...

Your crazy quilt looks great! And I like the star one next to it as well. I can sure relate when you say putting it together is the hardest for you -- me too!