Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

This is the quilt I just finished machine quilting over the weekend. I TRIED to convince the owner that i wanted to keep it as I fell in love with it! Oh well. She said no, I have to mail it back because its a class sample for a class she is teaching. Hehehe.
I do have more images of close up and back of quilt on my website in the interactive gallery, 2007 folder.
Be sure to go to the guestbook and put in a comment! Im trying to grow my customer base!
Also. I am designing up a Frequent Quilter Card :) Which means you send your tops to me so many times, after that I will give you a FREE Quilting service. You still have to pay for shipping and batting but the actual quilting would be no charge.
Im going to EXPO in Puyallup in 2 days! Im so excited! It is always too short and goes too fast for all the excitement leading up to it.
Have a great Monday!


Susan said...

Those colors look great together. You did a terrific quilting job on it, too.

Franie said...

That is a realy nice quilt--no wonder you loved it and wanted to keep it. I like the braided border on it. Your quilting is mighty fine too!

Fuzzysfriend said...

Hi Robin!
It's me Michele. That's a beautiful quilt! You always do such an awesome job, love seeing what you've been up to!


HEY THERE ROBIN----I didnt know you had all this and did machine quilting as a business--I must pay more attention! hehehehehe you will be hearing from me--LOVE the traditional blocks and the sunflower fabrics!!! WONDERFUL work!!!