Thursday, June 28, 2007

I rode my bike 40 miles!

Im ready to go for a ride, this is our driveway
Thumbs up, lets roll!
Scenic back roads going up to the highway, what a gorgious view down below is my town. You can click picture to make it larger.

This weekend we are having a big road trip (for me that is!) We have been practising on back roads manuvering curves and getting my speed up to posted signs. Then last night we went out to the highway and rode almost up to the casino (40 miles round trip)

Tomorrow we head out and will ride about 80 miles total to our destination in Lewiston. ANd then more riding tomorrow from lewiston up to grangeville another 40 miles. then back to Lewiston. Then monday come home 80 miles. So all in all thats a big chunk of riding for me! Im excited!


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