Monday, January 28, 2008

Jan 28, snowday

My favorite pic. A doggie breaking a trail through the snow. Hes actually HOPPING through the stuff.

Heres 2 of my chihuahua dogs cuddled up in the flannel scraps box, wich is next to my computer. Normally they are not allowed in the studio but my son was playing electric guitar with friend and it was making the dogs nervous and they wanted to be with ME! They cried at the stair gate until I decided to feel sorry for them.

Its been snowing nonstop for 2 days. All the schools are closed today. Schools even 100 miles away are closed! Its serious stuff out there! So I am happily wearing my purple snowflake flannel jammies and sewing up a storm.

I am finished working on my half of the spring crazy quilt block. Im SO tempted to put more on there but then I wouldnt have any space for my partner to do her thing! I just Love how this one is coming out! One more block for summer and then I can make the "seasons" wallhanging I have planned.


Gail said...

Lovely snow Robin, I love how it looks after a nice snow and the sun comes out. We did 4 solid days of snow, last week, so I know how ya feel. We have another storm blowing in as I type this.

Your CQ is lookin great. What are you going to make with it?

Judi S said...

Great snow pics Robin and what a wonderful CQ block. You have a real talent for CQ.
YOur friend Judi in a wet Gig Harbor

Candi said...

Thanks for sharing the pic's of the snow! It looks just sooooo pretty:) I love your block!