Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday 2008

Here we are just leaving my town heading out towards that mountain in the distance. That is Rathdrum Mountain, about 20 minutes away and our friends live just on the other side of that.we have 2 feet here in town

Just leaving the outskirts of our town, the last of the houses before we see prairy
Going through a thicket of woods, the snow is getting deeper noticably!

The drifts over the highway gets really bad, this is just a small drift

about 15 minutes from my house, halfway to our friends house, look at those snow berms on the side! Taller than my car!parking lot at the grocery store, pretty bad when the snow berm is halfway up the flag pole!
Hubby Pat and I standing in the parking lot next to church. This is a bumper crop of snow this year, the past couple years have been pretty dry.Destination reached. This is the front yard and drive way of our friends house. See how much more snow they have than we do??? Only 20 minutes away from our house. And by the way thats not snowblower berms, that is actually his yard, if you walked into the yard you would be buried up to your chest!
Another friend, and this is her standing in the pathway that they had to shovel to get in and out to the car! SHE and her hubby just moved here from California 2 years ago and this is their first real experience with a real honest to goodness Idaho Winter! Like I said, we have had dry winters the past couple years so this was definitely long overdue for our neck of the woods.
This is inside the house, see all the snow packed up against the living room window. Hahaha.
Now. Can you IMAGINE What this is like for my 3 poor chihuahuas!!!! ROFL!


Gerry said...

OH my, I'm speechless. WOW!!!

Susan said...

So does that much snow act as an insulator for the house? That's way too much for me, that's for sure!