Monday, September 17, 2007

Last big ride of the season

We took a nice leisurely ride on sunday out to St Maries Idaho. GORGIOUS Town, Im in love! Population of about 2800, close to this wonderful lake and lots of nature abound. This is a picture of Mrs Sew n Sew's quilt shop located on main street. We circled around town to check out the community and housing. Then stopped at the shop so I could look inside the window. I knew she would be closed sundays. As we were getting ready to take a stroll down the sidewalk Nona pops her head out and asks if I want to come in! OH YA! So we visited a bit and I bought some batik fabric that looked like the forest surrounding the area. She had an adorable kit I really wanted to buy of Cute dog quotes and an adorable puppy print fabric but she was out of that one. I didnt have enough cash of course because I *KNEW* she would be closed! haha
Here is lake Benewah behind me, the haze is from the wind kicking up the dust up on the prairy. Harvest is done and the fields were plowed and nows the time of year we get strong winds and dust storms. But this is down in the canyon by St Maries and it was still mostly clear except in the distance.
My Honey Pat relaxing while I take pictures of the lake and trees. Aint he a cutie!
heading back out of the canyon, this is the far end of the lake looking back towards St Maries. So pretty and quiet and peaceful!
one last picture of the lake before we headed back up the hill to the prairy. I sure would love to see this place again when the sun is out and the lake is glistening. There was alot of campers on the shore too! AND amazingly we were not the only motorcyclists out enjoying the ride, Lots of bikes were in town!


Franie said...

OH ID is so pretty. We saw that area once--I loved it. Looks like a good sized lake too. Was it warm? A friend said everything is still green in Canada and down into the states. We are just starting to color around here. Your bike ride including the stop at the quilt store is my kind of way to spend a Sunday. FUN!

Gail said...

Looks like you had a great day, wonderful views.

Judy said...

Robin you look so darn cute on your bike and so does your hubby. The landscape is gorgeous. Some day I want to do a road trip in our motor home and tour Idaho.