Thursday, September 20, 2007

A week full of puppies!

Here is my little white canayla laying in bed snuggling up to Indianna. the white one is 4 pounds, and the brown one is 10 pounds, normally 7 but very pregnant and due to pop anyday.
Indianna had FIVE baby boys in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. NOrmally we stay up and watch over her but last night we went to bed at 11 and she was not showing any signs and then hubby got up at 4 to shower and they were all born! Sheesh!
4 brown ones, 1 white with spots. Of the brown ones, 2 are solid brown and 2 have socks and blazes.
My daughters dog Mika, alaskan malamute had her puppies 3 days ago. She had 8 but 7 survived.
close up of one of Mika's babies. This is the cutest one of course. The rest are solid brown or solid tan. The father was a mutt next door and mika got under the fence.

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Susan said...

Oh, man, it's a good thing you like dogs! They seem to be everywhere!