Saturday, October 6, 2007

I got 2 squishies with ebay purchased fabrics and spread it all out to look at it and fell asleep and my son took a picture of me all relaxed and covered in charms! Next to me is my little chihuahua Canayla (boo) cuddled up and laying on my Mistletoe Manor purchased fabric. If you want to see the fabrics that I bought click on the picture to get a closer view.
Here is my current crazy quilt project. Its goign to be a walker bag for my mother in law. Mom is flying from Boise to our house last weekend in October to celebrate her birthday with us. Mike my hubbys brother is coming over from Seattle, and we are also inviting some of moms close friends from this area to come have a party. She is very excited to come up and see the chihuahua puppies and doesnt know about the party we are planning. ANyways this is my birthday gift to her, and I will post progress pictures as I go along and of course when she puts it on the walker I will get a picture of that too! NOTE my silver flossed spider web! I still need to put the actual spider in though.
Have a great weekend! I just planted my rasberry plants, Hubby is patching the roof and we installed the last piece of gutters on the back door section! Yippee! ALMOST rready for winter to come! Still need to plant tulip bulbs though but the dahlias are not ready to be dug up and I want to do it all in one fell swoop.

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yer gonna plant raspberries? can I have some?? hehehehehe you look so comfortable sleeping in fabric--how could you not fall asleep? :o)) You look too happy! *~*CAROLE*~*