Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heres my long arm thread and tools cabinet, spice rack and new curio in the back corner behind my frame.
I just my laces from Susan! I just LOVE the venice laces sooo much! I cant wait to have a plan and be able to dye them colors,wont that be alot of fun!
An anemic start of dahlias, pansies, petunias and lillies. I got a late start and they are just now starting to bloom. And I have this odd creeping type weed that keeps trying to overtake the flower bed.
the side of my yard next to neighbors driveway has now offically been planted with EIGHT rhubarb plants! I still need to "neaten" up the back where the plastic is to keep weeds under control but I was losing my morning shade and cant work in the sun.


Susan said...

Your yard is coming along. It will be nice to have that rhubarb one of these days. How long does it take it to mature?

It looks like you have those threads under control.

Candi said...

Love the laces!! Got mine too and yummy they're great! How long will it take for your garden?