Friday, July 6, 2007

June 30 my first BIG trip!

all geared up and ready to roll!

The trip was a wet and messy affair on our way down to Lewiston friday June 30th. My first real road trip. What did I get? RAIN! WIND! HAIL! THUNDER all 120 miles! And a Semi truck flipped upside down in the ditch from the wind. Scary sight. But I survived the nasty weather and passed all my tests from God! hehehe. Although I arrived to my destination thouroughly DRENCHED! I ran into the house and stripped all my clothes and even had to wring out my socks!
This picture of the storm is over skyline mountain 30 miles north of Moscow Idaho

This is between my house and the casino which is 2o miles out of town, the weather was still nice at that time
This is just after the storm we drove through and we thought we were done with the rains and winds. NOT
Top of the Lewiston Grade, looking down into Lewiston , which is where my friend Lynn Lives. No rain, finally starting to warm up again.

This is on our way back home, beautiful and sunny weather the entire ride.

This is Grangeville grade heading out of Lewiston up to the prairy again. Lovely drive!

Heading back home again with lovely warm weather, I think I had a smile on my face the whole way! This is right before the casino going to Coeur d'alene

My Buddy my Pal my biker partner, Pat! Thats my hubby! He rides a Honda spirit 750 that is dark purple with light purple flames on it. Cute! The bike. Well he is too! hehehe


Susan said...

Glad you got there and back safely! At least it was nice in one direction. Your pictures are great!

Clara's link on the sidebar didn't go to a blog.

Susan said...

Those last three photos show some beautiful country. What a great place to ride.

Franie said...

WOW what a ride. You really caught on to that riding bit eh? Just be careful. Is Lewiston that far away? That part of the world is very pretty --loved your photos.