Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here is an American Hero quilt I made for a woman soldier. It is giant red roses and blue and cream for the strips. This pattern is called BQ by Maple Leaf. It is such a quick and fun pattern to use! I had this done in one day of constant sewing.
Close up of the roses. And you can click onto the picture itself and it will become a larger image than this!
This is the quilt that Lynn was working on. She didnt get much done because thats when all her family came to the house to wish her happy birthday , bought pizza and brought in cake and ice cream. But she had fun!
Here is the purchase I made at Joanns while there visiting with Lynn. That butterfly is metal and almost like a cloisonne type finish. about 2 inches wide!
Heres my silly girl Canayla. She snagged my "emtpy" corn on the cobb off my dinner place which I accidentally left on the end table. Thats HALF of a cob, see how big she is next to it. and by the way she cleaned that bugger good! And wanted MORE! But Meanie me say no more.


Susan said...

You got your purples! Beautiful quilts. I like what you did with the roses.

What a tiny sweetie she is!

NormaH said...

What a gorgeous quilt and a perfect gift.