Sunday, July 29, 2007

a new toy!

Heres my bedroom ALL FINISHED. old white stained carpet that was yucky and gross when we first bought is now officially GONE. and then we painted the tan stucco looking walls with a nice shade of mint green. the big light spot on the wall is the Mirror reflecting from the light and flash of my camera by the way....Then made a box frame under our bed out of old waterbed boards. No we can store the hunting equipment under the bed, free from pets and dust balls.
the waterbed boards making a box frame under the bed
Long lost old friend, we used to all hang out 20 years ago but then we moved to Idaho and he stayed in seattle. Look! Hes old , fat and bald too just like hubby! Hahaha. Lynn you recognize this geezer?

While cleaning up the garage and driveway of our dear neighbors I found this lovely little curio cabinet type thing. The doors open and it reveals 5 little shelves inside. PERFECT to store my smaller spools of thread! I just Love this little treasure and it will always remind me of my lovely neighbors Grant and April.


Franie said...

What a neat little surprise and freebie too? How come I never find treasures like that? Lucky dog.

gocrazywithme said...

That's one cute little curio cabinet. What a treasure! And a lovely way to remember your friends.
Janet in Colorado

QltnRobin said...

Hey Franie,
I never find things like this either, which is why I got so excited! I love little wooden boxes and curious but I only have 1 to my name and thats where I put my vitamins in the kitchen.

Susan said...

Your bedroom looks like it's a totally new place. Are you loving the green walls? The curio cabinet is very pretty! What a discovery!