Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas already?

Heres the Winter Wonderland in my front yard. This all fell in the night and I took this pic early this morning about 9 am on Nov 27. We got about 5 inches and it is our first snow of the season.

front yard looking towards the road. Later in the afternoon.
The puppies found a spot of warm sun and they were playing with each other there
They have Grampa Cherokee's rubber ball and are fighting over who gets to bite it.
The annual decorating of the fireplace Mantel. Each year has been a little different. This year I went with very simple, just the creche , candles and angels. I do have a fake garland with white lights that I have used in years past but it was such a huge pain to put it up there and make it STAY without falling off!
And our lovely tree decorated with many little home made things the kids have made over the years. Those stockings are 12 years old, I made them all when my teenagers were just little toddlers. We each picked our fabric we wanted. Justin my son has the navy with golden moon and stars. Hubby is green with golden cherubs. Daughter Melodie has white with red poinsettias and I have the black with pink roses and poinsettias. The red one in the center is for whoever is guest at our house for the year.
Ok thats it for today! I am SWAMPED with customer jobs for christmas gifts. I will update again in a couple days or weeks, whichever.
HUGS and Merry Christmas!

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Susan said...

The snow looks so pretty. Rather you have it than I, of course. =) Decorating is coming along nicely!