Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18 already!?

Heres the sections of the project I started working on a couple weeks ago. I had to make 2 large peices like this for every part of the bear's body! so LOTS!
Heres the start of the CQ bear! Everything pinned, cut out and ready to sew. Reviewing my instructions. Looks easy enough! Note the ears were the first to be done heheh.
Bear's head, with ears pinned on. Checking my centering and pleats in ears :)
The arms needed more stitching, they looked "bald" so before I attached the limbs to the body part I did more stitches , cuddled by the man of the house (Cherokee) listening to the fire cracking in the hearth. Perfect Sunday for me!
the other warm, more stitches.
close up of the head, with ears attached. Everything is done on the head!
Heres the head, and the tummy with legs already attached. Next are the arms and lastly the head.
Here is my CQ bear All finished! I am not going to stuff it, since it is being shipped overseas. The recipient will be able to stuff it and stitch the back closed and enjoy my gift!

Sparky has a new home! With my best friend Lynn~
two boys and a girl in the middle. they were playing actually and I caught them in the act heh
THEY ALL WANT BELLY RUBS!!!!! I only have 2 hands, and 5 puppies! hehehe what a predicament.

Less than 40 days til Christmas! Sheesh. Am I ready for this? HECK NO!


Susan said...

Your bear looks great! What a treat for your friend's child!

Ira said...

Beautiful bear. I want one like this to.

Charlene said...

That's great bear progress - thanks for sharing! And such cutie pie puppies... How do you not get attached to them?