Wednesday, November 7, 2007

another weekend sewin!

Hello Everyone~

This past weekend (nov 1-4) I drove my 3 hours to Lynns house and we had a great weekend sewing, playing with puppies and eating/drinking the forbidden chocolate and soda! We didnt get as much done as we usually do, because there was 5 lovely little puppies who wanted loves and cuddles and playtime outside the kennel. Lewiston is still warmer this late in the year, where up my location we are getting frost pretty thick in the mornings. So plenty of outside time during quilting breaks!

Heres some pics for you!
Hmmm now my settings are not allowing me to type in between pics. Im not going to deal with that right now.

The quilt is one I started in 2004, contracting to swap embroidery work for fat quarters with a friend. Took her about 6 months , she designed alot on her own using my requests. All the double x blocks were made in a red/cream swap from WASIQ in 2005. Then I needed to put a few extra of mine in, and trim everything to fit. And organize the settings of redwork. That was all of 2006 hahah
Its redwork of Marvel Cartoon Figures, popular things of Seattle, and Wild Life of the Northwest. It is a christmas gift for my brother in law Mike. And I FINALLY made it into a top and need to quilt it before the rush of christmas, because I will have to mail it to him.

The big dog is Lynns dog Coacoa. Shes 10 or 11 years old or close to that. She is half shar pei and half chow. And has arthritis really bad in her hips. So she spends alot of time laying down nowdays. BUT this weekend was sunny, warm and I brought puppies! So she was very interested in them, and hopped along in tiny steps to sorta play. And this dog does NOT like other dogs for ANY REASON! hahah. She adored one puppy in particular (brown with white stripe on head). Followed him around the yard , sniffed noses and when She lay down, he snuggled. Inserting her nose whenever another puppy was fighting with "her baby" SO Cute!

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Susan said...

I love that redwork quilt! What a great setting!