Saturday, December 1, 2007

CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR SALE! Share this link with everyone

Crafters scrap bag, for sewers, quilters, beaders, scrapbookers!
Fly tyers scrap bag! He can put his hooks into the weighted pin cushion!

Quilters Scrap Bags! Sewn with 2 colors, batting, filled and ready to use! The square is filled and it is a weighted pincushion and the bag part hangs off the desk, wonderful to place next to your sewing machine! $10.00 plus 4.60 priority shipping

I can take PAYPAL payments

Combine multiple items and pay 1 shipping price! Please email me for a shipping estimate.

9 different Quilters scrap bags available, More to come! Reversible doggie coat made with flannel on both sides. Velcro closure on neck and belly. Size Small fits chihuahua, yorkies, many small breed dogs up to 8 pounds. $10.00 plus 4.60 priority shipping, or you can opt for cheaper shipping but I will need your zip code to get estimate.

Measurements are : back length 9.5 inches

around Neck 10-12 inches

around belly 12-14 inches

Velcro closure can be adjustable 1 1/2 inches on both neck and belly

Other colors available, Photos coming!

Kleenex covers! MANY to choose from! Most prints do have duplicates so if you like one alot you can buy more than one of the same print. $3.50 plus 1.00 shipping.
ALSO AVAILABLE, Mens kleenex covers made with Mossy Oak Camoflage print! Photos Coming!

ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Beaded, embellished Crazy quilted Kleenex cover. $10.00 plus 2.00 shipping.

Camoflauge for the man!

Earthy Prints

Floral prints

Pink prints


Blue and Purple prints



Susan said...

Wow, you've really been busy, girl! Are there any boutiques or Christmas Bazaars in town? These things would really go good there! There was one at a church in Yarnell today, and I'd plan to go, but it was wet and cloudy and I just didn't.

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