Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Fall themed block, what I think Fall represents here in the lovely Idaho State
Winter themed block, notice the deer in the center? Each season has a center motif :)
Spring themed block, not finished yet but it sure is pretty already!

Here are my crazy quilt blocks for season themed swap. I have not taken pics of the finished blocks after they were returned to me. Because I havent gotten the spring one back yet! And right now I am working on putting stitches and beads onto the summer themed block so I dont have a pic of it yet. Im waiting on a crochet pansy to put onto the summer block and hasnt arrived just yet :)

Also this past weekend I built two raised garden boxes (4 ft x 8 ft x 12 in) and filled one up with dirt and planted 16 tomato plants! I was feeling the pain in my neck and shoulders for a couple days after that experience! It didnt help matters that I worked 8 days straight and had 1 day off, went to wally world and packed 16 bags of potting soil into my trunk cuz nobody was around to assist with loading. Ooooh! Honey will you rub my shoulders please?? PLEASE???? Pretty Pleaaaaaaaase???

Now Im working another 8 days straight, and immediately tuesday morning very early I am leaving for a week of sewing at my best friends house! Yippee!!! I havent decided yet what I am taking to work on and I have been too busy to think about it! hahah.

Now Im running off to work in an hour so I need to get ready.



MakesMeSmile said...

Wow your CQ work is really pretty! WIll these be combined with each other or will they be stand alone works? I'm envious of anyone with gardening skills. Plants scream when they get in my driveway "Please, don't leave me here!!!!"

Grove City OH

Judy said...

Have fun on your sewing vacation. Those are the best. You've been working way too hard and you need some fabric bonding time.
Love your blocks, your embroidery is fabulous. :-)

Sharon said...

Wow beautiful cq Robin...your stitching is wonderful


Pansies are in the mail! LOL I thought you were new to cq-ing? sure could have fooled me! Your work is incredible! wanna swap sometime? just you and me--privately?? *~*CAROLE*~*

Candi said...

Wow, your work is beautiful and you've definitely earned the time away with your girlfriend! Have a wonderful time and enjoy that garden as it grows:)

Franie said...

Beautiful work Robin. Very very pretty. I guess Carole is sending a crocheted pansy?

Have fun sewing with your GF. You deserve a break. My kind of break. Your gardening sounds great--I need to get on mine!

Judi S said...

beautiful work Robin! Looking forward to seeing you at the retreat.