Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quilts that Im working on

Hey Everyone! I hope you are having a good "SPRING"

Well here it is April 5th and we got more snow today. Oh well! I just KNOW that Spring is right around the corner! So Get here already!

Here are some pics of what I have been doing in April. My little 4 pound chihuahua Canayla insisted that she REALLY wanted to be with me while I sewed! Which was unusual for her, normally she likes to snuggle into the flannel scraps box and supervise me from that spot.

Here is the finished quilt, Lynn bought the fabric and started making the trip around the world. Then last year right before my birthday, her dad passed away so she couldnt finish it without crying. So she gave it to me on my birthday last year, and for my birthday this year, I had it quilted and finished and showed it to her when I went to visit her last week. And of course Canyala was inspecting it to make sure it met her approval. I know she likes it when she licks it. I called her name so she stopped licking long enough to look at me while I snapped the camera LOL.

Some Easter cards I made and mailed to close friends. Only heard back from one person that they got it. I hope everyone else got theirs too.
My two daughters on my birthday! Ju Young drove over from Seattle on march 24 to surprise me for my birthday! Isnt that such a great picture of my two daughters! Ju Young is 20 and going to college. Melodie is 19 and thinking about life still.

All the various star blocks that were made for my birthday, from the birthday block swap on the Loose Threads group. I love them all! Now I will put them with the applique ones I got last year, and start to finish making my Robert Callahan styled quilt! Which is in its third year of being a WIP.

Here are the black and batik blocks that Lynn and I made while I was at her house for a couple days to celebrate my birthday. She made all the same blocks but using some different colors. It was alot of fun.

I traded Quite a few fat quarters to have a friend do some hand embroidery for MYSELF. I have always wanted one and I dont do that kinda handwork. So I asked her really nice if she would be willing, to trade her handwork for my purchases of fabric in her choice. We spent a year each month committed to our swap. Each month I sent 10 fat quarters and she stitched a flower of the month block. Now I JUST got them all back on my birthday, and they are GORGIOUS!!!!

THis is a love quilt that I am putting together and quilting. It is challenging for me to set it on point, and I JUST BARELY had enough of the yellow print for the setting pieces. I had wanted to put a border around of the same fabric to make it bigger but I didnt buy enough of it. Fortunately I do have a nice green that works very well with all of it.


Candi said...

Robin, your quilts are awesome! Canayla is adorable!:) Your daughters are lovely. How nice to have them home You've been one busy lady!

Judy said...

I'll try this again, I love the TAW, the postcards are great. Your girls are gorgeous!!! I love the variety of the BD blocks, can't wait to see mine. :-)
Don't let Sonya see your black and batiks, those are her faves. The heart quilt is great. I love the variety of the blocks.

Franie said...

Wow Robin you have been so busy. I love that embroidered flower block quilt--what a nice swap you did. It is fun to barter isn't it? The daughters are beautiful. I also liked the birthday blocks you received. Those are awesome blocks. Everything is wonderful. We are waiting for spring too--still have lots of snow on the ground to get rid of here but no real snow storms lately--just showers and no accumulation. You do wonderful work, friend.


HI ROBIN!!! everything is wonderful...I received box of blocks!
I can see that you dont have the time to finish! hehehe *~*CAROLE*~*

Cheryl said...

Wow, Robin ... I love all the quilts you have been working on. Especially the Easter postcards, how cool!
Thanks for signing my blog and yes, you should make some more baby gowns with the flannel LOL!

Big hugs to you,
Cheryl :-)


me again--just browsing..nothing new I see! LOL--luv ya *~*CAROLE*~*

Gail said...

Robin, oh my such lovely quilts, I had to laugh at your sewing companion, how cute is she. All the quilts are/will be lovely each is so striking. I especially like the embroidered one what a great exchange. The Easter postcards are wonderful, how excited each person must have been to receive this gift of your heart. BTW, I don't think it would hurt for you to ask them if they got the cards, just let them know you are worried that they got lost.