Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok Here is the story of our very first Western Washington Shop hop in 2008! Merav flew from Israel to spend 3 weeks here , her first trip ever to the USA and we decided that doing the shop hop would be a fun and memorable way to visit the country and see the scenery of different places.

Im going to do this in several stages. Lots of pics so it might take a bit to load up for you who have dialup. The following pics are Day 1 of our trip! And of course theres TONS more pics that I did not include, because we had over 900 pics total of our whole trip!
DAY ONE getting ready!

This is the RV we rented for 7 days, I am wearing pink and merav is wearing black. We are tired already because we had to drive an hour back to my house with the RV and it was a bit stressful learning to drive that big thing! but VERY Comfortable!

Here is the driving part of it. the seats were velour and very soft and comfy. AWESOME stereo set up with cd player and great volume. We played ENYA for most of the trip!

our mini kitchen, complete with microwave and fridgerator, cook top that we never did use.

Here is the table we ate at, used the laptop every night and just sat to read books to relax. Both of us are avid readers so we got alot of reading done at night when we weren't shopping all day

on our way! This is just past medical lake/spokane in the rolling hills of corn

vantage bridge as we are coming down the canyon
This is nearing Brewster

Day one of our trip. We crossed Idaho into washington and went northwest to grand coulee dam. This is Merav and that is the dam behind her. She was impressed with how large and powerful it was even though we were a few miles above it.heading up the canyon towards the mountainssome pretty scenery as we get closer to the mountains
Gorgious waterfalltop of the mountain pass. Middle of june and theres still several feet of snow on the ground. It was chilly outside when we stopped for a break
the Peaks. We are at about 4000 feet before heading back down the wet side

the lake I love to see, but can never remember the name of it

We are crossing over Marble Mount and this is that lovely unique green lake that I love. I havent been to this area in 20 years but it still looked as lovely as I remembered it. and Merav totally enjoyed driving through all the lush greenery and seeing the lake and little towns.

another shot of that lovely green water
Here we are entering into Sedro-wooley, a lovely fish sculpture and flowers!All of main street in Sedro-woollley is lined with wood carvings. They have a loggers chainsaw carving competition every year

Im sleepy, gonna snuggle up to old cowpoke here
Me in green, Merav in black standing next to the bear sculpture
Merav on left, me in the middle, Diane on right , we stayed in her driveway for our first night on the road.

DAY THREE START THE SHOP HOP! Heres the first shop , in Lynden washington!

Our first quilt shop! and we went to 25 of them in 3 days! it was exhausting, but alot of fun and we met up with many friends along the way.
I just HAD to have a pic of this little baby!
driving through Lynden to the next quilt shop Here we are in Anacortes, and it was late in the day but we did manage to get both stamps right before closing. then we took a leisurely walk around town and enjoyed the scene and sunset on the bluff. Kinda blurry but this is the Madrona tree on the anacortes bluff overlooking town.
this is Anacortes at sunset, on the top of the bluff looking back down. It was gorgious and a nice warm breeze blowing.sunset on the bluff, thats me sitting on the rock in case you didnt know :)Should I make a quilt with this picture? Its stunning! We spent the night in Anacortes at the safeway parking lot. Shoulda just stayed up at the bluff overlooking town it would have been Alot quieter when we tried to sleep!the one quilt shop in anacortes, and forgot to take a pic of the other quilt shop just 2 blocks away!
DAY FOUR HITTING THE SHOPS EARLY! driving from anacortes south to another quilt shop

Merav drives the entire trip. Which I was VERY greatful for! But I was the navigator with the tom tom in hand, programming all the stops. We only got lost 3 times in all our trip!

another lovely scenic view as we were driving towards Everett washington
This little shop was wayyyyyyyyyyy out in the boonies, but a GREAT Shop! I wouldnt mind going back there again!

the little watermill that the shop had trickling , next to the front door. Adorable!

Crossing a bridge over a river, not sure which one but up there north of Everett somewhere

I love treadles and of course had to snap pics of them every time I saw one!
Four corners quilt shop. A very nice one!

another shop. All of these were visited on our first day of shop hop!
Lovely little machine, I would love to have brought this one home with me!

Mount Rainier, and it was a sunny warm day when I took this. We are still about 100 miles away from it so that explains a bit of the fuzziness in the pic.
a GORGIOUS quilt I just had to have this picture! I woulid love to make one like this!Flowers growing in the field, I do believe this is actually a flower farm, north of EverettIm on the left in white tank, Molly in back center, Dawn in pink and Merav in the front. Finally the day is over and we are camping out at Dawns place for the night. I think we hit 8 shops on that first day! Whew!
On my next blog session I will show you the Laconner Quilt Museum at the Gaches Mansion in Laconner Washington. We spent THREE HOURS in that place and took lots of pics so be ready to ooooh and ahhh over wonderful quilty arts!



WOW almost like I was right there with you! GREAT SCENIC pics, too!!!

Gabriele said...

Thanks for sharing the pic's Robin.
Makes me wanna move back up there.
Looking forward to your next post about your trip.

Clara said...

Your pictures take me back to last summer when we made our big trip around the state. I recognize some of the same places. Washington is a wonderful place to visit in an RV.
Clara in SC